Financial markets

It was Peter’s restless need to understand and manage risk on increasing scales, that led him to turn his attention to financial markets. For all their scale and relative efficiency, the barriers to entry revolved more around comprehension. Dominated as it is by professionals, market dynamics, and its own terminology, a chance purchase of a book about Warren Buffett, whilst on a business trip to the United States, helped transform his thinking and resonated with his own still formative principles of risk.

Financial publications

Peter went on to transform his own financial profile by adopting this long-term ‘value investor’ approach and also the methodology and mindset of his mentor. It is a set of principles that are reinforced by Peter’s regular pilgrimage to the Berkshire Hathaway AGM in Omaha, Nebraska.¬†Overtime, He has built a substantial portfolio of investments and spends a lot of his time researching and actively looking for new opportunities.

Peter’s activity in financial markets has led to a number of media and related appearances as well as a three-year period writing for Shares Magazine. Read some of the many articles Peter has written below: –

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