Betfair Historical Data on your trading screen

Critical trading information right on your screen There are an array of tools and features within Bet Angel that let you do almost anything, one of these is the ability to store values and display them your one-click and ladder trading screens. This can be just about anything from a market but some of the…

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I made a post on social media this week about an article that appeared in the Financial Times. I didn’t realise at the time of posting, that in the background there was a mention of a sizeable position then went through the market at Royal Ascot.

I only realised this, when people started questioning it shortly after the post. Asking how it was possible put £125k through a market?

Ordinary or extraordinary?

This wasn’t an ordinary market, though, this was Royal …

Volume is not liquidity

I was at a meeting last week and was at pains to point out the difference between volume and liquidity. I’ll save the detail for another post at some point in the future, but here is a simple view and some examples, using just £100 stakes.

If you come on any of the courses we run, I’m happy to talk you through the strategy. It’s simple easy and really effective at tournaments like Euro 2016.

Stuffed full of cash