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Betfair trading on a bank holiday

It’s that day of the year that you either love or hate. If we have a bank holiday Monday, we tend to call it Marmite Monday! On a bank holiday day in the UK, we have a whole bunch of horse racing. Something to celebrate? Well maybe, if it wasn’t all on the same day….

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Before we talk specifically about trading the US Open, why not check out our Golf trading videos at

I enjoy my annual foray into the US Open Golf because it reminds me of my very first activity on betting exchanges way back in June 2000. Aside from a small flutter on some financial markets, it was the Golf that launched my betting exchange career. Back then Tiger Woods was being offered at 4.00 for the championship and Colin Montgomerie …

US Open Tennis

How I learnt to trade Tennis

When I first started to trade Tennis, I needed a few things to be in place. One of those was an understanding of how odds move in Tennis match.

The reasoning was that if I knew that, I could pitch my opening and closing trades roughly where I wanted, where the market would move to. I could also start searching for ‘precursors’ to that key point in the match.

Also, with so many matches

Manic Monday

It’s that day of the year that you either love or hate. The August bank holiday in the UK brings  a whole bunch of racing, all on the same day. Then as we drift into the late afternoon, the US Open tennis gets underway. Not exactly a relaxing Bank Holiday!

Today there will be 483 runners over 51 races. This may seem like heaven for some, but it’s a nightmare for others. Quite a few races will attract little liquidity, …