Take your Betfair Automation to the next level

Automated trading can save you time and money or find and execute trades before you had even seen it manually. If you are looking to fully automate your Betfair trading, then Bet Angel’s Advanced Automation gives you all the options and tools you could ever need and what’s more, this requires no excel or programming…

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Little and often – On Greyhounds

Greyhounds markets are another good example of little and often. The average Greyhound race only turns over £15k or so per race so it’s really not a very liquid market and even then, the money arrives really late. but are very large amounts of greyhound races.

I recently revisited the Greyhounds markets after a seven-year absence.  If you want some background as to why have a read of this blog post: –

Going Grey

Since revisiting the markets I’ve now …

Gone To The Dogs

So if this is your first years trading then the last few weeks may have been a bit of a shock for you following the hectic summer period.

You go from being spoilt for choice over which markets to trade just a few weeks ago, to suddenly having very few markets to look at. The ones which are available will have a very different feel to what you have become accustomed to – however this is perfectly normal for this …