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Betfair Trading Software – Automated Scalping

If you are looking at Scalping on horse racing, football or any other sport. Bet Angel gives you a huge range options, it’s the perfect scalping software! Scalping is a trading strategy that allows you to take small profits on an individual trade by exploiting short-time price movements using small stakes. While the profit on…

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Sports trading is born – My trading journey – Pt3

By now you have probably read part one and part two of my day trading journey, if not you can read them by clicking on the headlines left. This is the story of how I quit my well-paid job, despite having a young family; to pursue my dream of doing something a bit special. Though I never figured at…

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Two simple Betfair trades that anybody can do on Bet Angel

When trading on Betfair on horse racing markets, Peter Webb says “profitable opportunities occur all of the time you just need to able to do something about them. You need to have the ability be able to jump in just before everybody else realises what is going on.” How pictures can help you trade more…

Trading Betfair Tennis markets automatically

My (automated) Tennis trading journey

When I first looked to trade tennis with automation my initial mistake was trying to create a single automation file and apply it to all the day’s matches. I soon learned this was never going to work and instead started taking some time to use the wealth of stats and data available for tennis from a number of website’s and other sources to carefully select matches most suited to specific strategy/rule I was trying to …

Easy ways to automate your Tennis Trading

Next week see’s the start of Wimbledon the pinnacle event of the Tennis calendar.

And one of the best ways to trade the Tennis markets is with automation. If you have never used automation before there is probably no better sport to start with and with the year’s biggest tournament about to begin this makes it the perfect time to dip your toes in and give it a try.

Why automation works so well

There are a couple of reasons …